Programs & Pricing

3K and 4K

Trinity's 3K & 4K preschool programs are based on the belief that children learn through play. Due to this, the research based High-Scope curriculum is used. Active play experiences are provided to nurture the development of the whole child. This includes activities that develop fine and large motor skills, social-emotional development, intellectual learning, language skills, and most importantly, the knowledge of spiritual truths. The day's activities are centered in God's Word.

Each day includes developmentally appropriate large and small group activities that encourage young children to explore, plan and consider consequences, and learn by doing. Our teachers play an active role in supporting children's learning through play. A consistent routine and environment help children to feel comfortable and secure.


Our 5K program helps students begin the transition to an elementary school curriculum. Reading and writing is taught based on the SuperKids curriculum, and students also spend time learning about science, math, social studies, music, art, and physical education. Each day begins with a Bible story and all subjects are taught in the light of God's Word.

Wrap Around Care

This is our before and after school care program. Before school care starts at 7:15 and goes until 7:50. After school care starts either at 11:15 or 3:05, depending on if your child is in preschool or kindergarten. Wrap Around Care is open until 5:30.

Hot Lunch is able to be purchased. Otherwise, students bring a cold lunch each day. 

School provides mats and sheets for students during rest time, but students bring their own sleep items. 



WAC Pricing*

Before school - $3.00/morning

After school - $3.75/hr

Program Pricing*

All children must be potty trained.

Pricing is for the whole school year.

$75 deposit is due with all enrollment forms.

3K 2020-2021

Must be 3 years old by September 1st.

2 day (Tues/Thurs) 8:05-11:15 - $933

3 day (Mon/Wed/Fri) 8:05-11:15 - $1158

5 day (Mon-Fri) 8:05-11:15 - $1392


4K 2020-2021

Must be 4 years old by September 1st.

3 day (Mon/Wed/Fri) 8:05-11:15 - $1158

5 day (Mon-Fri) 8:05-11:15 - $1392


5K 2020-2021

Must be 5 years old by September 1st.

5 day (Mon-Fri) 8:05-3:05 - $1617

*Prices for the 2020-2021 school year are subject to change

Enrollment opens January 21st for the 2020-2021 school year. Spots are limited.

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