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Our Facilities


Our classrooms have an open design. Teachers are able to arrange their classrooms in whatever way they feel will be most beneficial for their students. All classrooms have bathrooms attached to them with child height toilets. Students all have their own cubbies in which they are able to keep coats and backpacks. 

Activity Center

Our activity center (gym) serves many purposes for us. We host many different school and church events in this space. School will also have recess in here if the weather gets rainy or too cold outside. 


There are SmartBoards in all classrooms. Teachers use this technology as they see fit. They are conscientious of student screen time.

Outdoor Space

Trinity has two larger pieces of playground equipment for students to climb on. Our playground is fenced in all the way around for added safety.  We also have a teeter totter, a small slide, swings, and space to run and play.


Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity church supports the school in a variety of different ways. Once a week, the classes cross the street to have chapel over in the church. Pastor comes over to school to spend time in the classroom with students and to get to know their families. Church members help support school with their time and donations.

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