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Trinity Lutheran School November Newsletter

Thank you!

Thank you to all our chaperones who joined us on our trip to Mulberry Lane Farm! The kids had such a great time and we couldn't have done it without all of you!

Square 1 Art

The deadlines is fast approaching and orders for Square 1 Art can only be placed through Wednesday, November 3rd. If you are interested in ordering and have no done so, please do that before then. These make great Christmas gifts, and the early deadlines ensures that they will be here before Christmas. To order, go to and use the access code on the back of your child's catalog. Please find Mrs. Livieri is you are having trouble ordering/finding your child's code.

Food Drive

We will be having a food drive here at school the week of November 15-19. Donations go to Apple Valley Food Pantry. In the past, we've had over 200 food items donated by our families alone! Each day we highlighted items that are needed. Feel free to bring your items each day or any day of the week.

Monday - Rice & Helper Meals (1 lb bags of rice, instant rice, boxed rice dishes, hamburger helper, canned pasta, mac & cheese) Tuesday - Sandwiches (tuna, peanut butter, jelly, mayo, canned chicken, salad dressing)

Wednesday- Canned fruit (pears, applesauce, peaches, mixed fruit)

Thursday - Soup (canned soup of any variety, soup mixes)

Friday - Laundry Detergent and Hand Soaps

ALSO NEEDED: Gift Cards to Grocery Stores, Paper Grocery Bags with handles, any items your choose

Snow Days and Outside Play

With winter quickly approaching, there is always a possibility for a snow day. Trinity Lutheran School will be closed if the Kaukauna Area School District cancels. We will send an email notifying you of that cancellation. If there is a 2-hour delay, there will be no school for half day students. Those students who are full day will begin their day at 10 a.m.

All classes will be going outside as long as the weather is above 0 degrees. Please begin to bring appropriate coats, hats, and gloves now that the weather has turned colder. Snow pants and boots need to be brought to school and taken home everyday once the snow is here.

Picture Retakes

Picture retake day is November 2nd. Please know and let your child's teacher know whether they will be having a retake or not. If your child does not usually come on a Tuesday, please feel free to come to school on that Tuesday to have their picture taken. Please arrive anytime between 9-10 a.m. Please return the packet if you are getting a retake.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents day will coming up November 24th from 7:45-11 am. Parents will drop their students off at school as usual, and Grandparents will begin meeting at church with coffee and fellowship beginning at 7:45. Children will join grandparents at 8:00 for a chapel over at church (parents, feel free to join us for chapel as well). Following chapel we will be heading back to school for a day of crafts, snack, singing and more! All Grandparents are welcome!

Parents, please click the button to sign up:

If interested in bringing a donation for our snack that day please click here:

Book Orders

If you have ordered from Scholastic books and have not received your order yet, they should be arriving by November 22nd. Because of the delays, some classroom teachers are changing due dates to early November, so books will (hopefully!) arrive by Christmas. If you are interested in ordering books for your child for Christmas, try to get orders in as soon as possible so we can make sure they get here on time. Scholastic has lots of holiday books already on the website.

Christmas Program

This year's Christmas program will be held on December 12th at 4 p.m. over at church. The Christmas program theme for this year will be “Let’s Light the Christmas Tree” and will go through the story of Jesus’ birth. The program will include readings and narrations by our confirmation students, along with songs and recitations by our 3K & 4K students. Please note, our church is on the smaller side, and we ask that you limit as best you can the number of people attending. We are hoping to have lifestreams and overflow seating if needed. We will keep you updated on that.


If you aren't familiar with Scrip, it is a program that allows you to purchase gift certificates that can be used like cash. You can use Scrip on everyday purchases and with every purchase, we can earn revenue for our Church and your school tuition.

If you are interested in purchasing Scrip, the easiest way is to do it online. If you have never signed up before, you will need to go to this link, find the button that says "Register" and then click "Join an Existing Program." A screen will come up that asks for an enrollment code, which is 29F7689312675. Create an account and you should be all set to begin ordering. From there you can purchase with a credit card, have it taken out of your bank account, or give a check directly to Maggie.

When it comes to Scrip, our contact person is Maggie Curtis, the church secretary who now works out of the school office. She is in M-Th in the afternoons. If you want to get in touch with Maggie for more information, either email her at or call the school office at (766-2029)

Here are some FAQ's about Scrip that may be helpful to you:

How do I sign up for Scrip?

Signing up for Scrip is free and easy! All you need to sign up is Trinity’s Enrollment Code. There will be a 10-15 minute process for the online sign up which you can do at home on the computer or you may come into the office and Maggie will help you set up your account.

How do I order?

Once you have enrolled, you are more than welcome to order Scrip. You may order online, or you may come into the office and fill in a paper form. Make sure Maggie knows which fund you are supporting, and she will do the rest!

When will I receive my order?

If you are ordering from our stock, or our Scrip On Hand, you will receive your Scrip right away (as long as supplies last). If you are ordering a gift card that is not in our stock, then we will have to order it from the Scrip carrier. Once an order is placed, it normally takes two or three business days for the Scrip to be delivered. Maggie will call or email you when your Scrip has arrived.

How much do I have to order?

Scrip is meant to be a convenient way of getting the gift cards that you want, at the denominations that you are looking for. You can order as much (or as little) as you need.

How do I pay for my order?

When you place an order online, there is an option to pay online. Otherwise, you may bring the cash amount of your order or a check written out to Trinity Scrip into the office.



Emily Livieri, Early Childhood Director

Phone: 262-623-0624



Mulberry Lane Farm Field Trip

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